Configuring Builds#

This guide goes over a few common configuration scenarios so you can quickly get up and running. For a complete reference of what is possible, please see the read the file configuration docs.

Change what providers are run#

You can have more than just the auto-detected provider contribute to the build by adding a "providers" key to the nixpacks.toml file. "..." matches the auto-detected providers.

providers = ["...", "python"]

You can also override the auto-detected providers by leaving "..." out of the array.

# Only the go provider will be run
providers = ["go"]

Install additional packages#

You can easily install additional Nix or Apt packages so that they are available during the build or at runtime. Packages are typically installed in the setup phase.

nixPkgs = ["...", "ffmpeg"] # Install the ffmpeg package from Nix
nixLibs = ["...", "gcc-unwrapped"] # Install the gcc-unwrapped package from Nix and add it to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
aptPkgs = ["...", "wget"]   # Install the wget package with apt-get

The "..." item in the array is important as it extends the packages that will be installed as opposed to overrideing them. This means that packages from the provider (e.g. Node, Cargo, Python) will also installed.

It is recommended to install packages from Nix rather than Apt if they are available. You can search for Nix packages here.

Custom build command#

You can override the build command with

cmds = ["echo building!"]

Or you can add commands that will be run before or after the commands set by the providers.

cmds = ["echo first", "...", "echo last"]

The same can be done to customize the commands for other phases.

Custom start command#

Override the command that is run when your container starts by setting the start.cmd value.

cmd = "./"

New phase#

Provider will typically define setup, install, and build phases. But you can add as many as you want. The following example will lint before the build and run tests afterwards.

cmds = ["yarn run lint"]
dependsOn = ["install"]

dependsOn = ["...", "lint"]

cmds = ["yarn run test"]
dependsOn = ["build"]